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Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Аграрный вестник Урала № 04 (171) 2018

Биология и биотехнологии

Старицына И. А. кандидат геолого-минералогических наук Уральский государственный аграрный университет

Беличев А. А. кандидат сельскохозяйственных наук Уральский государственный аграрный университет



Five mining objectslocated on the territory of Sverdlovsk region were analyzed. These objectsrepresent good examples of disturbed areas. The territories of thePyshminsky-Klyuchevskoe and Berezovsky mining submittings are used for activebuilding development at the present time. These towns are the satellites ofEkaterinburg city. Former mining submitting areas of Levikhinsky, Bulanash andDegtyarsk fields were abandoned and currently require large economicinvestments for remediation and elimination of environmental harm. Disturbedlands of the Sverdlovsk region amount is 2.7 % of the total area of the subjectof the Russian Federation (19 43,07 sq. km). Comparative analysis of landuse showed a negative trend. The amount of lands disturbance in the Sverdlovsk region ishigher than in neighboring regions due to the high rate of economicdevelopment. In the Tyumen and Kurgan regions, the proportion of reserve landis higher than the share of the industrial lands. The most comparable resultscan be obtained by comparing the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions. Disturbedlands are present on the industrial lands and agricultural lands with the equaldegree. In Sverdlovskregion the main negative land processes are chemical contamination and landdisturbance. The analysis of the disturbed territories’ building developmentshows that despite of the economic benefits, the multi-storey residentialbuilding can not be used on these areas like it takes place in Berezovsky andVerkhnyaya Pyshma. It is necessary to impose the restrictions to the townplanning regulations for these territories and use these areas for low-riseconstructions or recreation. The economic development degree of the settlementshould not increase the risk of technogenic catastrophes.


Sverdlovsk region, the mining submitting, land resources, ecology, disturbed lands, the land reserve.


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