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Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Аграрный вестник Урала № 07 (174) 2018


Воронин Б. А. доктор юридических наук, профессор, заведующий кафедрой управления и права, заслуженный работник высшего образования РФ Уральский государственный аграрный университет

Лоретц О. Г. ректор, доктор биологических наук, профессор Уральский государственный аграрный университет

Воронина Я. В. старший преподаватель Уральский государственный аграрный университет



Successful and economically sustainable development ofagriculture is impossible without a qualitative legal regulation of socialrelations in the agricultural sector. Through legislative and other regulatorylegal acts the government regulates, first, the production-economic relations(the system of prices, taxes, wages, etc.); second,organizational-administrative relations (the system of bodies of management ofthe economy, the allocation of rights and responsibilities between levels ofmanagement, forms of government and the participation of workers in managementof the economy, etc.); third, the system of economic levers and incentives;fourth, the system of foreign economic relations of Russian agriculturalproducers in connection with the transition to export-oriented development.Currently, Russian agriculture is operating in the context of geopolitical andgeo-economic instability associated with the application of economic sanctionsagainst the Russian Federation. On the one hand, the sanctions have exposed theacute problems of domestic agriculture associated with the shortage of seed incrop and breeding material in livestock and for this reason, dependence onimports; on the other hand, the accelerated import substitution caused by thesanctions has had a positive impact on the scientific, technological and scientific-technicaldevelopment of the entire system of agriculture, which contributes to thetransition of domestic agricultural producers to new technological methods andtechniques that provide real growth in productivity in crop and livestockproduction and on this basis, increase in the production of agriculturalproducts, raw materials and food. Taken together, the measures taken at thelegal level for state support of agriculture have already significantly reducedthe dependence on imports and occupy a niche in the global agri-food market.This article discusses the current directions of economic and legal regulationof the development of Russian agriculture.


agriculture, agro-industrial complex, agricultural activity, legal regulation, import substitution of agricultural products, raw materials and food, export-oriented development.


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