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Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Аграрный вестник Урала № 12 (179) 2018


Я. О. ТИМОФЕЕВА Федеральный научный центр биоразнообразия наземной биоты Восточной Азии ДВО РАН



The results of studies of trace elements compositionsof soils, nodules and plants from agroecosystems of the Primorye Region werepresented. The common imbalance of trace element composition of arable horizonsand stable deficits of Mo, Ni and Zn in soils which intensely used in regional agriculturalproduction was indentified. In the studied soils Cu and Co contents wereincreased in comparison with the regional clark concentration. The studiedsoils are characterized by active formation of soil nodules. Based on the studyof trace elements accumulation in nodules, it was found that nodules are kinddepositors of the soil system and have a significant impact on trace elementsredistribution in arable soil horizon. Adding of fertilizers is accompanied byadditional input of total and water-soluble forms of trace elements in the soiland in the nodule. The specificity of most of the studied microelements contentin wheat plants is due to the participation of elements in key metabolicprocesses. The result of fertilizer application is increase Pb and Cd contentsin plant tissues. However, the main part of Pb and Cd which contained in plantsreturned to the soil as crop residues. The increase of nodules number was observedin soils of plots with adding fertilizers. Analysis of the relationship betweenthe contents of trace elements different forms in soil, nodules and plant hasbeen allowed to establish that functioning nodules is one of the factorslimiting the intake of some trace elements in plants and most likely affect onproductivity of plants. Taking into account the fact that it is impossible toincrease the yield without fertilizers application and respectively withoutrelated impurities, in soils which used for agricultural production, nodulesplay the role of balancing component of agroecosystems, which regulates plantnutrition by environmentally safe way.


soils, trace elements, soil nodules, biological cycle.


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