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Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Аграрный вестник Урала № 09 (188) 2019

Биология и биотехнологии

Слепцов Е. С. доктор ветеринарных наук, профессор Якутский научно-исследовательский институт сельского хозяйства

Федоров В.И. кандидат ветеринарных наук, доцент

Винокуров Н.В. кандидат ветеринарных наук, старший научный сотрудник


The analysis of reproductive ability of reindeer in different climatic zones of Yakutia

 The article presents the materials of the reproductive ability of reindeer in different climatic zones of Yakutia. The calving season of deer in different ulus of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is different. The total duration of calving is 30-45 days (6–9 five days). The timing of calving determined by natural-climatic conditions, timing of the rut and the condition of the deer. Very important in the birth process is the state of the birth canal, and in them the osseous system and in particular the pelvis and its size. In the study of the pelvis of the deer, it turned out that the pelvis of the doe is somewhat more favorable than the pelvis of the cow. Line, which moves the fetus during the stage of breeding and lagging at the same distance from all the walls of the pelvis, called the axis of the pelvis. The axis of the doe pelvis is not a broken line like a cow. Other dimensions – the vertical diameter of the pelvic cavity is on average at doe 21.4 cm, from 21 to 22 cm, which corresponds to the birth of quite large fruit. Three measurements of the diameter of the entrance to the pelvis – dorsal, middle and ventral - show that the lumen of the pelvis of the doe is a trapezium with a length of the upper part on average 17.7 cm, and the lower – 5.8 cm. This proves that the fetus at birth can lie in a lateral or oblique position. The preparatory stage of labor have doe lasts from 24 to 36 hours, and is manifested in the form of anxiety doe, a fall in body temperature of 0.5–1 degrees, well-pronounced swelling of the vulva, relaxation of the Sacro-sciatic ligaments.


reindeer, reindeer herding, reproduction, rut, calving, herd, mating


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