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ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)
Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Articles of issue №10


Optimization of methods of cultivation technology of broad beans on grain in conditions of the Middle Urals Оpen as PDF

Mingalev V. D., Laptev V. R.

The use of high-quality resources of winter wheat in the agricultural production of Crimea Оpen as PDF

Radchenko L.A, Radchenko A.F
Veterinary science

A new approach in health protection of udder and in quality improvement of milk Оpen as PDF

Barashkin M. I., Barkova A. S.

Changes in the reproductive system of pigs aged 0–2 months with PRRS Оpen as PDF

Semenova N. N. , Verhneva D.A

Characteristics of molecular-genetic pattern of leukemia virus circulating in the cattle population in different regions of Russia Оpen as PDF

Donnik I. M.

Epidemiological and economic importance of porcine circovirus infection in the industrial pig farming (literature review) Оpen as PDF

Petrova O. G., Kalimullina V.R.

Therapeutic efficacy of anticoccidial drug Toltarox by eimeriosis of calves Оpen as PDF

Drozdova L. I., Kosintsev L.V

Features epizootiology of infectious diseases of extremities of agricultural animals in the Urals Оpen as PDF

Petrova O. G., Molokova A.V

Features of the course aspergillosis large parrots Оpen as PDF

Zhenihova N. I., Sazhin A.A
Animal breeding

Effect of the feed additive Hydrolaktiv on morphological, biochemical and incubatory qualities of eggs of laying hens Оpen as PDF

Barihina M.YU., Shatskih E. V.

Analysis and program of development of beekeeping in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Оpen as PDF

Voynalovich S.A, Belyavtseva E.A

The autonomous agricultural consumerspower supplying by means of midget hydropower plants Оpen as PDF

Ptashkina-Girina O. S., Guseva O.V.

Obligatory delivery to the state as a form of requisitioning of agricultural products under a totalitarian regime Оpen as PDF

Motrevich V. P.

The Russian state from Novgorod Russia to the Russian Federation. Author’s periodization Оpen as PDF

Tselischev N.N.

Metaphysics of folk life and the basis of an efficient economy Оpen as PDF

Nekrasov S. N.

The man in the noospheric context Оpen as PDF

Stozhko K.P

Food security of Russia and countries of the European Asian region Оpen as PDF

Voronin B. A., Bagretsov D. N., Kovin V.F.

Necessity of social protection of the population at the formation of the employee adequate to market conditions Оpen as PDF

Degtyareva T. YU.

The main tendencies in the development of the integration of enterprises at the present stage Оpen as PDF

Kurkin A.V.

The impact of the WTO on the insurance industry. Projections based on the experience of countries of Eastern Europe Оpen as PDF

Nepp A. N., Ruschitskaya O. A., Shishkin N.V.

The social and economic situation in the sphere of food security in the Perm Kraii Оpen as PDF

Tryastsin M. M.

An important factor in the competitiveness of staff Оpen as PDF

Fateeva N. B.

Human migration: problems of economics and law Оpen as PDF

Tselischev N.N.

The modern scientific ideas about food independence and food security at the regional and Federal levels Оpen as PDF

Chupina M.P., Tryastsin M. M.

The business structure of small agribusiness: the conditions and factors of development Оpen as PDF

Sharapova N.V.

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