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Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Articles of issue №3


Peculiarities of selection of maize resistant to natural and climatic changes in climate in the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic Оpen as PDF

Kashukoev M.V., Kagermazov A. M., Gazheva R.A.

Productivity of barley Raushan at preseeding treatment with microelements on different backgrounds of macrofertilizers Оpen as PDF

Fatyhov I. SH., Kokonov S. I., Mazunina N.I.

Production of vitamins by destructor microorganisms Оpen as PDF

Matrosova L.E., Chasov V.V., Tremasov M.YA., Tremasova A.M.

The role of weed vegetation in the formation of useful entomofauna of agricultural ecosystem in Fergana Valley Оpen as PDF

Mustafakulov X., Yunusov M., Yuldashova SH., Shermatov A.

Agricultural geochemistry of barium in soils of deserts Оpen as PDF

Holdarov D. M., Holdarova M. M., Isagaliev M., Turdaliev A.

Agrochemical properties of hardly reclaimed soils of Fergana Оpen as PDF

Holdarova M. M., Isagaliev M., Turdaliev A., Sotiboldieva G., Yuldashev G.
Biology and Biotechnology

The number and location of resin ducts in the acerose leaf of Scotch pine, growing on high moor peat and dry land Оpen as PDF

Lebedev A.G.
Veterinary science

Clinical signs of disease associated with porcine circovirus infection and coincident infections Оpen as PDF

Donnik I. M., Petrova O. G., Isaeva A.G., Kalimullina V.R., Krysenko YU.G.

The influence of the preparation “Selerol” in combination with salts of microelements on the morphological parameters of blood and body weight of rabbits Оpen as PDF

Kravtsova O.A.

Epizootological and economic importance of acute respiratory diseases of cattle and problems of prevention in modern conditions of industrial production Оpen as PDF

Petrova O. G., Markovskaya S. A.

The morphology of the stomach of rabbits and qualitative characteristics of their production Оpen as PDF

Sidorova K.A., Veremeeva S.A., Cheremenina N.A., Esenbaeva K.S.

Differential thermal analysis of protein semi-finished product Оpen as PDF

Lukin A.A.

Soviet labor day unit is the salary of “serf” kolkhozniks in a totalitarian state Оpen as PDF

Motrevich V. P.

Effects of the use of assortment technology in the felling of mature and overmature plantations Оpen as PDF

Zalesov S. V., Zalesova E.S., Magasumova A. G., Timerbulatov F.T., Gavrilov S.N.
Vegetable gardening and horticulture

Growing of indeterminate tomato varieties on progressive technology Оpen as PDF

Urusov R.K., Hushtov YU.B., Urusov A.K.

Neoliberalism and administrative control of the economy Оpen as PDF

Nekrasov S. N.

Agri-environmental indicators leached chernozem depending on rate of application of zeolite-containing rock of Terbunsky field of the Lipetsk region Оpen as PDF

Motyleva S. M., Gulidova V. A., Mertvischeva M. E., Schuchka R. V., Merenkova YU.V., Dubrovina O. A., Kravchenko V. A.

Modern scientific conceptualization about the effectiveness of economic management mechanism Оpen as PDF

Gorbunova O. S.

Financing of investment projects in the poultry industry within the framework of a public-private partnership Оpen as PDF

Gordeeva L.G.

Problems of risks for the Russian agrarian sector under WTO conditions Оpen as PDF

Donnik I. M., Voronin B. A., Vasiltsova L. I.

Improvement of financial, economic and administrative relations in AIC using securitization mechanism Оpen as PDF

Egorov A.A.

The detection of the territorial food agro clusters: methodological approaches Оpen as PDF

Malysh E.V.

The advantages of the competency approach Оpen as PDF

Mitin A. N.
Animal breeding

Оpen as PDF

Shatskih E. V.

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