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ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)
Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Articles of issue №11


Activation of the reproduction process in agriculture on the basis of optimizing the enterprise taxation Оpen as PDF

Bagretsov N. D., Popova E.A.

The main technologies in the development strategy of management competition in the market of agricultural products in the region Оpen as PDF

Voronin B. A., Mitin A. N., Pichugin O. A.

The improving of distribution and sales activities of the agrarian and industrial complex organizations Оpen as PDF

Nekrasov K. V., Nabokov V. I., Chashin V.K.

To optimize the production volumes of fodder grain in the region Оpen as PDF

Pustuev A. L., Upilkova ZH. A.

The factor analysis of the agricultural people adaptive process to the market based economy Оpen as PDF

Savin V. N.

Modernization of agriculture: economic and theoretical aspects Оpen as PDF

Sysoev A.M.

The consumer cooperation development strategy in the socialization of the economy of the Perm region Оpen as PDF

Tryastsin M. M., Trosheva M.V.

Formation of the competitive environment on the food market Оpen as PDF

Chupina I. P.

The development mechanism of the food self-sufficiency system Оpen as PDF

Chupina I. P., Tryastsin M. M.

Association for Regional agricultural producers associations: the experience of formation and functioning Оpen as PDF

Sharapov YU.V.

Crop capacity and quality of grain of sorghum depending on the methods of sowing and plant population in the conditions of steppe zone of Crimea Оpen as PDF

Pergaev O.A.

Efficiency of organo mineral fertilizer system and crop protection of stationary eight course rotation in Crimea Оpen as PDF

Saenko N.P.
Veterinary science

HACCP principles in dairy farming Оpen as PDF

Barashkin M. I., Petrova O. G., Demakova N.V.

Efficiency of use of the drug Aquasafe in the technological process of rearing of young growth for the prevention of neonatal diarrhea Оpen as PDF

Kosintseva E.A., Shusharin A.D.

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