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ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)
Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Articles of issue №6


The criminalized ground relations Оpen as PDF

Miloserdov V. V.


Syomin A.N., Kurkin A.V., Maltsev N. V.

On the state of consumer demand in the dairy market of Prikamye Оpen as PDF

Galeev M.M., Maltseva A. P.

Tendencies and prospects of transformations to region agrarian and industrial complex (on the example of south of the Tyumen region) Оpen as PDF

Paderin A. S., Pahomchik S. A.

Stabilization of incomes of agricultural productions at the expense of change of structure of manufacture Оpen as PDF

Stepnyh N. V.

Research of persoanl potentiaa of chiefs of the hunting economy in the education system of administrative teams Оpen as PDF

Ptuha N. I.

Estimation of communicastion of intensity of marketing activity and share of the market of subjects of the regional market of dairy products Оpen as PDF

Borisova L. A. , Georgievskiy D. L.

Updating of material means in agriculture at the expense of application of alternative technologies Оpen as PDF

Esembekova A. U., Muhina E. G.

Marketing in agriculture: tendencies and prospects Оpen as PDF

Saakyan M. K.

Influence of cultivation of the soya in the mixed crops on efficiency of agricultural animals Оpen as PDF

Abaev A. A., Tuguz R. K., Ugorets V. I.

Condition and prospects of cultivation of millet on grain in Central Preduralje Оpen as PDF

Eliseev S. L.

Methodics and time limits of goat`s - rue sowing for seed in Preduralie region Оpen as PDF

Zubarev YU. N.

Review of technology spring rape cultivation in the Kaliningrad region Оpen as PDF

Frantseva A. B.

Maikopchanochka winter wheat cultivation alternative technologies Оpen as PDF

Tuguz R. K., Sapiev YU. A., Mamsirov N. I.

Productivity and quality of grain of sorts of spring wheat in dependence on soil-climatic areas of till of Zaural`ya Оpen as PDF

Kozlova T. A.

Various ways of the basic processing of soilas the factor of a mineral food Оpen as PDF

Kuzychenko YU. A., Antonova T. N.

The basic processing of soil - problems and prospects in Northern Zauralye Оpen as PDF

Melnikov A.V., Rzaeva V.V., Oznobihina L. A. , Fisunov N. V. , Fedotkin V. A.
Vegetable gardening and horticulture

Exit of commodity fruits after storage at scab immune varieties of the apple-tree which have been grown up in intensive gardens Оpen as PDF

Makarkina M.A., Tutkin G. A.

Study of plum winter hardiness by artificial freezing method Оpen as PDF

Ozherelieva Z. E. , Ryapolova I. N.
Veterinary science

Dynamics of indicators of the metabolism at treatment hepatosis at cowsx Оpen as PDF

Hazimuhametova I. F. , Bashirova E. M.

Morphological reaction of bodies of B-system of immunity to vaccination against illness of Gamboro Оpen as PDF

Drozdova L. I., Kundryukova U. I. , Ivashkina L. N.

Resistance to stress and natural resistance of specialised meat types pigs Оpen as PDF

Barilo O.R., Kryshtop E. A.
Biology and Biotechnology

Features of the metabolic homeostasis of the rodents living in conditions of the natural biogeochemical province Оpen as PDF

Derho M. A., Eliseenkova M. V.

Pollen fertility in Cerasus and Microcerasus (Rosaceae) Оpen as PDF

Yandovka L. F.

Production of natural ecosystems in diets of the population of Sverdlovsk area Оpen as PDF

Bezel V. S., Muhacheva S. V. , Trubina M. R. , Pischulin P. G. , Vorobeychik E. L.

To the question of soil formtion under natural woods of the Bottom Vlga region Оpen as PDF

Boyko D. M.

Silvicultural measures on the lands that has been stopped it be used in agricultural purposes Оpen as PDF

Zalesov S. V., Magasumova A. G., Novoselova N. N.
USAU's anniversary

Improvement of quality of fur-bearing product in rabbit breeding by application of the bactericidal irradiation Оpen as PDF

Stabrovskiy A. A.

80-th anniversary of the Ural state forestry engineering university Оpen as PDF

Azarenok V. A., Zalesov S. V.

About innovative activity in Sverdlovsk area (to development of the bill of Sverdlovsk area) Оpen as PDF

Razorvin I.V., Salchinskiy V. I. , Bogomolova T. V. , Ivanchenko V. G. , Gluhov S. YU., Eremenko T. A. , Bobylev D. S., Salchinskiy A. V.

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