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ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)
Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Articles of issue №7


Practical aspects of virological investigation of winter wheat in South Ural Оpen as PDF

Glinushkin A. P., Rayov A. A., Beloshapkina O. O.

Decorative perennial grasses as introducents in planting of the Ural region Оpen as PDF

Stefanovich G.S., Karpuhin M. YU.

The role of the fallows and tillage systems in stabilizing of grain production of spring wheat in arid conditions of Zauralye Оpen as PDF

Tsymbalenko I. N., Gilev S. D., Telegin V. A., Bastrychkina O. S.
Veterinary science

Ecological aspects of application of probiotics in veterinary science Оpen as PDF

Burtseva T. V.

Comparative morphology of a liver of chickens hypotrophic and normotrophic cross “Isa” Оpen as PDF

Drozdova L. I., Zhenihova N. I.

Fungicidal activity of bacterial strains Bacillus subtilis with respect to toxigenic and mold fungi Оpen as PDF

Zhirkov A. D., Tatarinova S. S., Tarabukina N. P., Neustroev M. P.

Studying of sporocidal and mycobactericidal properties of glyoxal Оpen as PDF

Serikbaev R. E.
Animal breeding

The influence of exterior and age characteristics of cows of different consanguinity on the increase in milk yield Оpen as PDF

Donnik I. M., Esmagambetov K. K. , Koshelev S.N.

Methods of determining the growth dynamics of average daily increase in weight and fat depth of commercial young pigs Оpen as PDF

Kuznetsova T. V., Kirillova S. V.

Studying of influence of elastico viscous material thickness on shredding work Оpen as PDF

Malinov G. I., Kondrashov V. F., Gavrilov T. A.

The study of the work of disc coulters with a polymeric covering Оpen as PDF

Notov R. A.

The development of baromembrane technology for milk whey processing Оpen as PDF

Minuhin L. A., Timkin V. A., Galchak I. P., Lazarev V. A.

The basic assets of the kolkhozes in the Ural region in the conditions of the Great Patriotic War Оpen as PDF

Motrevich V. P.

Condition and incidence of rottingdisease of riparian plantings of brittle willow (Salix fragilis L.) in urbanization Оpen as PDF

Zalesov S. V., Koltunov E. V.

Increasing of publication activity of teachers, students and post graduate students Оpen as PDF

Donnik I. M., Voronin B. A.

Threats to security of Russia’s economy Оpen as PDF

Nekrasov S. N.

Ecological bases of poultry farming Оpen as PDF

Neverova O. P., Sharaviev P. V., Zueva G. V., Romanova A. S.

The grain industry as a multiplier of the development of regional agro-economic system Оpen as PDF

Pustuev A. L., Upilkova ZH. A.

The problems of feed stuff market development under the conditions of the WTO Оpen as PDF

Ravepov R. R.

Improving the competitiveness of crop production due to the differentiated application and control of the resources consumption Оpen as PDF

Stepnyh N. V., Zargaryan A. M.

The importance of strategic management and planning in the agroindustrial complex of the region Оpen as PDF

Tryastsin M. M.

The offer the main agricultural products of long-term period in the Republic of Bashkortostan Оpen as PDF

Faizov N. SH.

Utilizing patterns of agricultural information-seeking by farmers to monitor and predict future changes in behavior Оpen as PDF

Mironova G. L., E. Ebbott

The influence of servicing bulls on the growth and development of replacement heifers in the SPK “Kilachevsky” Оpen as PDF

Loretts O. G., Hatanov K. YU.

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