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ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)
Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Articles of issue №8


Application of bio-fertilizers in agriculture Оpen as PDF

Yakovchenko M. A., Dryomova M. S., Pozdnyakova O. G., Kurbanova M. G.
Veterinary science

The use of the Tyumen mineral water to prevent the retention of secundines at cows Оpen as PDF

Beloborodenko T.A.

Efficiency of application of new disinfectants in veterinary medicine Оpen as PDF

Shilova E. N., Vyalyh I. V., Kadochnikov D. M., Subbotina O. G.
Animal breeding

The efficiency of the use of probiotics Prolam, Bacell and Monosporin in the diets of pigs Оpen as PDF

Baranikov V.A., Baranikov A. I., Kaydalov A. F., Kavardakov V. YA., Burov S. V., Bevzyuk V. N., Pyshmantseva N. A.

Protein content in milk of fresh cows of black-and-white and Holstein breeds in conditions of Zauralye Оpen as PDF

Donnik I. M., Esmagambetov K. K.

The efficiency of using of the new feed additive “Tetra+” in the diets of lactating cows Оpen as PDF

Kovzalov N. I., Zlobina E. YU., Mosolova N. I., Korotkova A. A.

Evaluation of physiological response of lactating goats on the introduction a fodder additive “IODDAR-Zn” and preparation DAPS-25 in their diet Оpen as PDF

Korotkova A. A., Gorlov I. F., Kononov V. M.

The formation of beef cattle breeding industry with the use of French breeds in the conditions of northern Zauralye Оpen as PDF

Shevelyova O. M., Baharev A.A.

The influence of technology content and multiplicity of milking cows on the productivity and quality of milk Оpen as PDF

Loretts O. G.

The construction of an automated technological processes control system on the basis of an production expert system Оpen as PDF

Baymuhamedov M. F.

Optimization of the formulation of a multi-component product formulation by linear programming methods Оpen as PDF

Moliboga E. A., Lisin P. A., Kister I. V., Skokov A. P., Voronova T. D., Branitskiy V. V.

Research of enzymatic hydrolysis of milk whey proteins and development of a bioactive component for a sports nutrition Оpen as PDF

Gavrilova N. B., Petrova E. I.

“New course” in the agriculture of the USSR (to the 60th anniversary of the agrarian reform in 1953) Оpen as PDF

Motrevich V. P.

Increase of soil fertility and productivity of forest planting material in the forest nursery “Ak kayyn” of the Republic of Kazakhstan Оpen as PDF

Zalesov S. V., Kan V. M., Rahimzhanov A. N.

Agricultural education, yesterday and today (on the example of the Perm region) Оpen as PDF

Latysheva A. I., Getashvili I. T., Razumov A. I.

The study of the influence of milk whey on the formation of biogas Оpen as PDF

Pozdnyakova O. G., Gaaze Z. V., Kurbanova M. G.

The internal food aid is the real support of agricultural commodity producers under WTO conditions Оpen as PDF

Voronin B. A.

Theoretical and methodological aspects of the technical and economic evaluation of biogas production from agricultural waste Оpen as PDF

Gaaze Z. V., Kurbanova M. G., Ganieva I. A., Maslennikova S. M.

Modern dynamics of agrarian relations in the Perm region Оpen as PDF

Zaharchenko T. N., Michurina F. Z.

Milk production in France. Problems and prospects Оpen as PDF

Medvedeva E. A., Pyankov V. V.

WTO as a test for the stability of Russia in the development of agricultural biotechnology: the organizational and legal aspect Оpen as PDF

Mitin A. N.

The state support of agriculture in industrial region under the conditions of the WTO considering an anthropogenic factor Оpen as PDF

Pustuev A. L., Pustuev A. A. , Mahova N. N.

Youth employment in rural areas Оpen as PDF

Fateeva N. B., Petryakova S. V.

Main directions of development to promote employment in the Tyumen region Оpen as PDF

Ermakova A. M., Zubareva YU. V.

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