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Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
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Аграрный вестник Урала № 09 (115) 2013


Дюкова Н. Н. кандидат сельскохозяйственных наук, доцент Государственный аграрный университет Северного зауралья

Харалгин А. С. кандидат сельскохозяйственных наук Государственный аграрный университет Северного зауралья

Богомолов А. А. кандидат сельскохозяйственных наук Государственный аграрный университет Северного зауралья



In the North Trans-Urals the alfalfa gives low seed yields. As a rule, it is a result of weather within the period of budding and flowering, as well as a lack of pollinizers during the flowering period. The alfalfa has a herbaceous, branchy stem. Each stem has 10–20 internodes. In the first year of life, the alfalfa forms 3 stems, within the second year a plant has 15–17, in the third year it has more than 20 stems. Alfalfa seed crops have up to 250 stems per 1 m2. Studies have shown that the number of medic generative shoots is 137–150 pcs./m2. The number of inflorescences on generative shoots of studied varieties were 14–15 pcs. During the study the number of flowers per inflorescence averaged 6.9 pcs. for the variety Omskaya 7 and it is 13.2 pcs. for the variety Bystraya. In general, the variety Bystraya forms more flowers in the inflorescence (91 %) than the variety Omskaya 7. Our studies have determined the seed production potential (SPP). For the years of our studies the average SPP is 9.2 dt/ha for the variety Omskaya 7 and 21.8 dt/ha for the variety Bystraya. The seed production potential for the studied varieties depended on the weather. In dry years, with a high number of effective temperatures (2009–2010) the SPP for the variety Omskaya 7 was 10.9 dt/ha, and in the year with an excess of precipitations during flowering and pod formation (2011) it was 5.8 dt/ha. For the variety Bystraya it was 26.3 and 11.7 dt/ha correspondingly. Actual seed yield for the second year of life was 0.8 and 1.6 dt/ha, for the third one it was 0.9 and 2.1 dt/ha, for the fourth year it was 0.7 and 1.1 dt/ha correspondingly for the variety Omskaya 7 and the variety Bystraya. The alfalfa seed production potential in the North Trans-Urals is more than 11–13 times higher than the actual seed yeilds.


variety, alfalfa, generative shoot, inflorescence, flower, pod, seed production potential, seed yield


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