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ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)
Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Articles of issue №10


Grain yield and technological advantages of spring wheat Krasnoufimskaya 100 in the Middle Urals Оpen as PDF

Ogorodnikov L. P. , Baykin YU. L., Lavrinenko A. N.

Researches of biochemical and energy value of tetraploid maize populations Оpen as PDF

Hatefov E. B., Hachidogov A. V. , Matveeva G. V. , Chzhao Nyanli, Tyan Min
Biology and Biotechnology

Obtaining and cytological analysis of callus culture in vitro stonecrops Оpen as PDF

Nanieva L. B.
Veterinary science

Current trends in the prevention program of mammary gland disease at cows and assessment of their effectiveness Оpen as PDF

Barashkin M. I., Kolchina A. F., Barkova A. S., Shurmanova E. I.

Investigating protein composition of bovin spleen-derived immunobiological preparations Оpen as PDF

Glinskih N. P., Bahareva T. L.

Sharp respiratory diseases of cattle and prophylaxis problem in the modern conditions of industrial production Оpen as PDF

Donnik I. M., Petrova O. G., Markovskaya S. A.

The influence of linear fashion accessories bulls and cows mothers content on exterior and interior features of heifers of the Ural black pied type from birth to 9 months Оpen as PDF

Loretts O. G., Hatanov K. YU.

Evaluation of new corrosivity sanitizer use in animal husbandry Оpen as PDF

Subbotina O. G.

To the question about history of the Russian grain union Оpen as PDF

Balkizov M. H. , Mikitaeva I. R. , Habalov T. H.

Animal husbandry in the Urals 1940s Оpen as PDF

Motrevich V. P.

Sovkhozes in the Urals: the state of sources base Оpen as PDF

Stepanov V. V.

Number of cotyledons for pine ordinary plantations of different age in the Middle Urals Оpen as PDF

Vidyakin A. I.

Clarified scale for distribution of forest fund blocks according the wildfire hazard classes Оpen as PDF

Zalesov S. V., Godovalov G. A., Platonov E. YU.

Model operation of components of phytoweight and definition of carbon stocks in field-protecting forest plantings of Ukraine Оpen as PDF

Moroz V. V.

Basic methodological principles of improving the conceptual and terminological framework of the ecosystem forest management method of recreational forests Оpen as PDF

Serikov M. T.
Vegetable gardening and horticulture

Productivity and cost effectiveness the cultivation of parthenocarpic new hybrid cucumber in winter greenhouses Middle Ural Оpen as PDF

Gladysheva T. I. , Yurina A. V., Krivobokov V. I.

New in the technical regulation of agriculture Оpen as PDF

Voronin B. A.

The study of food security in the region Оpen as PDF

Grishakina N. I. , Zaretskaya A. S.

Resource potential of the food supply of autonomous districts of Tyumen region Оpen as PDF

Drokin V. V., Zhuravlev A. S., Polbitsyn S. N.

Management and marketing in the organizations of veterinary business in market conditions Оpen as PDF

Ilinyh P. A.

Innovative activity of business of the Kurgan region Оpen as PDF

Krutchankova K. A., Buhtiyarova T. I.

Agrarian reforms in Russia’s agriculture in 20–21 centuries Оpen as PDF

Sycheva F. A., Medvedeva T. N.

Role of the state support in development of regional system of agricultural credit cooperation of the Tyumen region Оpen as PDF

Pahomchik S. A., Klykova T. V.

The analysis of preparation of qualified personnel for the agricultural enterprises of Sverdlovsk region Оpen as PDF

Fateeva N. B., Petryakova S. V., Radionova S. V.

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