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Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Аграрный вестник Урала № 11 (129) 2014


Логинов В. Г. доктор экономических наук, доцент, заведующий сектором Институт экономики Уральского отделения Российской академии наук



In the article were showed the problems of development of reindeer herding in the market conditions. Identified its impor- tance to the livelihoods of the indigenous peoples of the North, the economic, social and ethical role of reindeer herding-the na- tional industry, which employs mainly indigenous population. The Russian Federation is the largest country on the population of deer. The authors highlighted the peculiarities of the development of domestic reindeer breeding, such as: the most extensive forms of agricultural production, the need for a large number of changing seasons pastures (335.2 million hectares, or about 20 % of the area of the Russian Federation). Were performed a retrospective analysis of quantitative indicators of domestic rein- deer herding in terms of macro-regions and regions of the country. Showing causes that influence the growth of public and pri- vate livestock in Soviet (industrial and transport development) and post-Soviet (formation of market relations, privatization and more) periods. The authors show how active technogenic impact affects the development of the taiga and tundra reindeer herding area (for example, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district — Yugra). The authors have shown the influence of the Reformation of the economic system of the country as well. Reindeer husbandry is of great social and cultural importance for the conservation of indigenous ethnic groups in areas traditionally inhabited. Identify the role of financial support from the Fed- eral and regional authorities as a factor in maintaining the industry under market conditions, and the extent of its development from the availability of grazing land and labor resources. Researcher shows the importance of creating community or coopera- tive farms that are the most acceptable form of deer herds in the present.


traditional industries, domestic reindeer herding, the indigenous small peoples of the North, the industrial development of the area


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