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ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)
Key title: Agrarnyj vestnik Urala (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Agrar. vestn. Urala (Online)

Articles of issue №1


Photosynthetic activity, productivity and quality of potato tubers depending on region of plant alimentation Оpen as PDF

Balandin B.N.

Pests of Galega orientalis Оpen as PDF

Balandina E.V.

The particularities of growth and development of red clover during ontogeny Оpen as PDF

Guz K.F.

Minimization of tillage systems for tilled crops in the Stavropol Territory Оpen as PDF

Kuzychenko YU. A.

The role of crop rotations in the formation of the pore space of the plough layer of leached chernozem in the forest-steppe zone of Zauralye Оpen as PDF

Eryomin D.I., Moiseev A.N.

Parameters of photosynthetic activity of maize under various weed infestation in northern forest-steppe of Zauralye Оpen as PDF

Sinitsyna O.B.
Biology and Biotechnology

The spatial distribution of herpetobionts in the electromagnetic factors gradient Оpen as PDF

Gordeeva M.A.
Veterinary science

Determination of the prevalence dynamics of bovine leukemia in the Russian Federation Оpen as PDF

Donnik I. M.

The causes of diseases of highly productive cows Оpen as PDF

Barashkin M. I., Petrova O. G., Makarimov A.S.
Animal breeding

Meat quality of Hereford bulls when using the feed additive “Profat” Оpen as PDF

Monastyryov A.M. , Kirilov R.A.

Effect of protein-vitamin-mineral supplement in complex with zeolite on digestibility and productivity of pigs of large white breed Оpen as PDF

Satkeeva A.B.

Argumentative screening of leaven for enriching milk porridges with probiotic microflora Оpen as PDF

Moliboga E. A., Vitchenko A.S. , Gavrilova N. B.

Qualitative research of the functional orientation cream-plant spread Оpen as PDF

Gorbatova A.V.

An integrated assessment of the quality of dried hot pepper Оpen as PDF

Dorohin R.V.

The poultry manure dehydration before its processing Оpen as PDF

Zapevalov M.V. , Berdyshev A.M., Zapevalov S.M.

Agricultural workers in the Urals in 1940-1950 Оpen as PDF

Motrevich V. P.
Vegetable gardening and horticulture

Seed production of the origanum (Origanum vulgare L.) in the conditions of Novgorod region Оpen as PDF

Ivanov M.G.

Fiscal policy of the authorities in respect of the land share owners of agricultural land Оpen as PDF

Kamaletdinov I.M.

Ideology of global capitalism: mondialism and antimondialism as logic to manage conflict Оpen as PDF

Nekrasov S. N.

The ecological variability of morphometric features of the Ob-Irtysh basin bream Abramis brama Оpen as PDF

Petrachuk E.S., Yankova N.V. , Krohalevskiy V.R.

Process approach as part of effective activity of agricultural enterprises Оpen as PDF

Galeev M.M., Kibanova O.S.

Strategy of poultry farming advance in Tomsk region Оpen as PDF

Guseva E.V.

Development of the village territories of Altay region of various specializations Оpen as PDF

Tolokolnikov A.YU.

Economic and legal problems of the rural areas sustainable development Оpen as PDF

Voronin B. A., Treskova E.A.

The script of production development of poultry products in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic Оpen as PDF

Fedorova E. YA.

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